Todoist Preferences Panel for To Do

A lot has happened in the first two weeks of coding period and i am excited to share it with everyone. So, for the first two weekend I worked on adding a Preferences Panel that allows users to add/modify Todoist account that they want to use with To Do. Earlier we had planned to make it work in sandboxed environment, but upon mclasen’s suggestion we are sticking with getting the Goa Portal and Todoist account addition to work on non-sandboxed environment first.

So here’s how the Todoist Preferences Panel has turned out and it’s looking really cool :


Since Todoist provider is not yet merged with GOA, we don’t have a todoist account to test with, in which case To Do shows a no accounts page and asks if you wish to add one. Mind you the add button will be invisible if there is todoist provider in your GOA but i have enabled it just for demo.

Incase you have a Todoist Account in GOA added, your preferences panel would this along with todoist accounts in the ListBox. I need to make some changes to preferences including the icon which would done in a later stage.

Screenshot from 2017-06-16 18-41-32

I have also progressed on adding some required functions to GOA and the patches have undergone a few review iterations and we can can expect them to be pushed to master before end of next week.

What additions are in line for GOA?

  1. ListProviders: We can now make a DBus call to GOA and get a list of supported providers. This can be useful if apps want to query if GOA supports a specific provider. To Do will make use of it to decide whether to show a Add Account button or not.
  2. AddAccountForProviders: This is yet another DBus method that takes in a string “provider_type” and spawn the Control Center to allow addition of an account, which apps can make use of.
  3. Todoist Provider: This is being added by Recipe members and with this GOA will support Todoist accounts which To Do, Recipe etc. can use.

All the patches related to GOA are in progress and not pushed to master branch, if you wish to check these out, patches have been uploaded here.

A short video demonstrating these changes :

I am using D-feet to trigger the Dbus calls. As you saw in last video, the AddAccountForProvider method is already being used by To Do.


This is all I had for this blogpost, I will keep updating the changes as it occurs. Feel free to drop suggestions. They are always welcomed 🙂


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